Student Engagement Award for Excellence

KPHA Student Engagement Award for Excellence

AWARD PRIZE: The highest rated chapter/group will receive a plaque.

DESCRIPTION: The KPHA Student Engagement Award for Excellence is presented at the annual meeting to the student chapter/group that has demonstrated excellence during the preceding calendar year.

Criteria for selecting the winning chapter include documentation of:
  1. Chapter/Group Viability: To include number of members, appropriate organizational structure, bi-laws, regular meetings with appropriate documentation of activities, e.g., minutes, and recognition by the university.
  2. On-campus Outreach: Engaging members in service to the chapter members, department, college and/or school, and the university; to include activities that enhance the academic program and professional development of the members.
  3. Off-campus Outreach: Engaging members in community service activities and show how these activities are related to the goals of public health, and promote and enhance the image of public health.
  4. Partnerships & Scholarly Pursuits: Membership and participation in professional organizations, and participation in scholarly pursuits, to include grants received, and paper and poster presentations.
SCORING: Each criterion above will be evaluated on a scale of 1 to 25 with 25 being highest. The numerical values of each criterion will be summed to obtain a final score. The highest possible score is 100.

SUBMISSION: All materials must be in a notebook (either physically or electronically) with sections clearly labeled. Neatness, completeness and clarity of the documents will be considered in choosing the winners.

2023 Recipient: University of Kentucky

2022 Recipient: EKU's Health Honorary Society, Eta Sigma Gamma
The 2022 award goes to the Eastern Kentucky University Eta Sigma Gamma Health Honorary Society. This campus group had a full schedule of service, social events, scholarship. To name a few of their activities, these students hosted coffee shop study sessions to work on projects and scholarship throughout the year, they created and recorded their first of many podcast with leaders from around the state to address challenges and solutions in public health, they began designing a weekly social media awareness and education campaign, and provided support for the campus Green Dot program. Additionally, they engaged in advocacy work collecting signatures from the campus and surrounding community members to improve walkability of the city. Congratulations to EKU’s Health Honorary Society members! Keep up the great work!

2021 Recipient: University of Kentucky Student Public Health Association
This campus chapter had a full schedule of service, social events, chapter fundraising and scholarship. Their minutes indicated a rich combination of chapter activities every month. To name of few of their activities, the chapter has participated in the campus COVID19 vaccine campaign, in a racial inequality symposium on campus, helped with a campus student food bank, and participated in an on-campus campaign to combat human trafficking.

2020 Recipient: Western Kentucky University, KPHA Student Chapter
The work reported in this submission is as close to a gold standard of what a campus chapter can or should do. Dr. Richard Wilson (who is KPHA’s University Chair and works at the University of Louisville) and Louise Kent (2019-2020 KPHA Vice President) stated that the report itself was excellent work, reflecting a very well organized, committed and motivated group. On behalf of KPHA, Dr. Wilson and Louise Kent are excited to present KPHA’s 2020 Student Engagement Award to Western Kentucky University and its KPHA Student Chapter! Congratulations!

Past Winners

2019: Western Kentucky University – KPHA Student Chapter (1st Place)
Eastern Kentucky University – Beta Chapter of Eta Sigma Gamma (2nd Place)
2018: Western Kentucky University
2017: University of Kentucky (1st Place)
Western Kentucky University (2nd Place)
2016: Western Kentucky University (1st Place)
Eastern Kentucky University (2nd Place)
2015: Western Kentucky University (1st Place)
University of Kentucky (2nd Place)
2014: Western Kentucky University (1st Place)
University of Kentucky (2nd Place)