What is Public Health?

KPHA Advocacy Webinar Series: The Art of Advocacy

Bob Babbage, Babbage Cofounder

Effective Advocacy for Policy Change: Making the Ask

Dr. Sheila Schuster, Executive Director, Advocacy Action Network (AAN)
The Commandments of Advocacy
Meeting with Legislators: Do's and Don't's
Identifying Your Legislators and Making Contact with Them
The Road To Passage: How A Bill Becomes A Law
Presentation slides

KPHA Advocacy Webinar Series: Promoting Local Policy Change

Amanda Bucher, Director of Tobacco Policy Research and Outreach, BREATHE, UK College of Nursing

KPHA Advocacy Webinar Series: Advocay 101

Adam Haley, Kentucky Director of Policy and Strategy, Goodwill Industries

Kentucky Public Health's Response to COVID 19

Advocacy for Kentucky's Local Health Departments