The Kentucky Public Health Association is, with the exception of its Executive Director, a completely volunteer organization. It is governed by an elected slate of Officers and Directors working closely with the various Committee Chairs and Section Chairs. The Officers, Directors and Section Chairs comprise the full voting Board of Directors. See the complete listing below of KPHA Officers, Directors & Sections Chairs.

KPHA is always looking for volunteer help to assist with various events and programs. To volunteer send an e-mail to our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or one of the Officers or Board members listed.

2021-2022 Executive Committee

Dr. Molly McKinney
Richmond, KY
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Brittany Parker
Frankfort, KY
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Becki Casey
Frankfort, KY
(502) 564-4269 x 124
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Lisa Pollock
Elizabethtown, KY
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Kayla Bebout
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Tracy Aaron

Jennifer Gulley

Judy Mattingly

Kelly Alexander

Denise Beach

Becki Casey

Dr. Deniece Bell

Anne Hatton

Dr. Miranda Terry

Elizabeth Hoagland

Sara Robeson

April Thomas
(502) 564-7996 ext. 4452

Committee Chairs

Advocacy Committee
Monica Mundy
Elizabeth Hoagland

Conference and Awards Committee
Jennifer Gulley
Becki Casey
Brittany Parker

Elections Committee
Janie Cambron

Finance and Audit Committee
Lisa Pollock
Randy Gooch

Julie Brooks

Student Organization/Scholarship Committee
Dr. Julie Lasslo

Workforce Development Committee
Meagan Hurst
Janie Cambron

Executive Director

Dana Nickles

Dana Cox Nickles was named the Executive Director of the Kentucky Public Health Association and the Kentucky Health Departments Association on July 15, 2019. Nickles is a lifelong Kentuckian and holds a bachelor’s degree from Murray State University and a Juris Doctorate from Salmon P. Chase College of Law, Northern Kentucky University.

Nickles has extensive experience working for improved access to health care services in both the public and private sectors. She served as Senior Policy Advisor to the Secretary of the Cabinet for Health and Family Services, where she had the opportunity to work with the Department for Public Health. Most recently, she was the manager of a non-profit organization providing free medical, dental, and pharmacy services to patients with limited access to health care. Nickles has been an attorney for 25 years and has served as city attorney, General Counsel for the Executive Branch Ethics Commission, Deputy General Counsel for the Administrative Office of the Courts, and as the Assistant Deputy Attorney General in charge of the Civil Division.

Dana is skilled in advocacy, management, strategic planning, and policy development and implementation. She is focused on leading through collaboration, empowering others, and building on the success of the Kentucky Public Health Association and the Kentucky Health Departments Association. Nickles lives in Frankfort, Kentucky with her family.

PO Box 4647
Frankfort, KY 40604-4647
Tel: (502) 875-2255
Fax: (502) 226-5155
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Job Duties
President: President shall serve as the principal administrative officer of the Association and shall possess broad discretionary and delegatory powers to carry out the business of the Association. Additional duties shall include serving as Chair of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee; presiding at all meetings of the Board of Directors, Executive Committee, and the membership; and making appointments as required by these bylaws.

President-Elect: The President-Elect shall assume the duties of the President at the close of the current President’s term; act in the capacity of the President at the President’s request or in the absence of the President; and may serve as a non-voting member of all Standing and Special Committees except the Elections Committee.

Secretary: The Secretary shall ensure that the minutes of the Executive Committee, Board of Directors, committees, and membership meetings are recorded and retained; assure the preservation, maintenance, accuracy, and accessibility of the Association’s records; and perform other duties assigned by the Board of Directors or President.

Treasurer: The Treasurer shall ensure that all funds of the Association are properly accounted for; make reports of all receipts and disbursements of the Association as required by the Board of Directors; assure the preservation, maintenance, accuracy, and accessibility of the monetary records of the Association; serve as the Chair of the Finance Committee; and perform other duties as assigned by the Board of Directors or President.

Immediate Past President: The Immediate Past President shall serve as the Chair of the Elections Committee and may serve as a non-voting member of all other Standing and Special Committees; and shall perform other duties assigned by the Board of Directors or President.

Directors: KPHA Board of Directors are elected by the membership to serve a four-year term of office. Together the elected officers, the Committee Chairs, and the Directors comprise the full voting Board of Directors for KPHA. Please feel free to contact any Director with any comments or suggestions you may have.

Committee Chair: Various individuals volunteer their time to serve KPHA as Committee Chairs based upon various interests. They and their committee are responsible for various functions of the organization relating to their committee charge. They also serve as the main resource person for their area of interest. They would appreciate any comments or suggestions that you may have about their particular area.