Student Public Health Association

University of Kentucky

Throughout this academic year, we've successfully organized a diverse range of events, with particular highlights being two engaging guest speaker sessions featuring Courtney Walker and Devin Parekh, as well as a naloxone training in collaboration with the Appalachian Health Initiative. Courtney Walker and Devin Parekh generously shared insights into their public health journeys and current careers, addressing students' questions and offering valuable advice for those aspiring to enter the field. Our collaboration with Voices of Hope for the naloxone training, in conjunction with the Appalachian Health Initiative, aimed to equip students with life-saving skills.

In the Spring, we were honored to host President Eli Capilouto, who shared his experiences in public health and discussed the challenges of leading a university during a pandemic. The event drew a substantial turnout, providing students with a unique opportunity to engage directly with President Capilouto.

Looking ahead, our focus for the next semester is to actively involve more students, irrespective of their academic background. Membership in SPHA is open to all, regardless of College of Public Health affiliation. We aim to extend our impact across the campus and plan to host events that foster community engagement in Lexington, recognizing its significance in the realm of public health. Our groundwork in the fall semester, including a donation drive for Kentucky Refugee Ministries and fundraising for DanceBlue supporting the UK pediatric oncology clinic, sets the stage for these initiatives in the upcoming spring.

We want to emphasize that SPHA is entirely student-led, allowing us to curate events that resonate with our peers. It's been a remarkable year so far, and we are eagerly anticipating the opportunities and achievements that the spring semester will bring!