The Awards committee shall be appointed by the President and shall serve during the term of the appointing President. This committee shall consist of the Chair, appointed by the President and at least three (3) active members of the Association.

The purpose of the Awards Committee is to annually review and draft recommended changes, refine, clarify and update the Association Awards criteria and process as necessary; as well as call for, receive and determine the recipients of the annual awards.

Relationship to Others:
The Board must approve all recommended changes to any criteria or procedure change to the Awards.

General Guidelines for Awards – Nominees
  1. There are no KPHA membership longevity criteria.
  1. The nominee should be a Kentucky resident or provide for public health to Kentuckians.
  1. All awards are signified by a commemorative plaque only (no cash or additional presentations).
  2. The nominee cannot have previously received the reward in question.
  1. The nominee is not required to be a KPHA member but such membership may be a determining factor.
General Guidelines for Awards – Nominators
  1. The nominator must be a KPHA member, retired or actively employed.
  1. The nominator should be a Kentucky resident (although exceptions may be individually reviewed by the KPHA Awards Committee).
  2. The nomination statement must be clear and concise so as to better assure an objective review by the Awards Committee.
  3. The length of the nomination summary must be limited to three typewritten pages (double-spaced, 12-point font), and should include only those activities directly related to the nominee’s contributions to the public health system.
  4. Letters of support for the nomination may be submitted with the nomination form, or submitted separately.
  5. Letters of support may be submitted electronically or by regular mail, as long as sent on or before deadline for submission.
  6. Letters of support must be written within the current year of the proposed award.
  1. The Awards Committee will set a deadline for submission of nominations, ideally six to eight weeks prior to the Annual KPHA Convention.
  2. The Awards Committee reserves the right to request additional information.
Criteria for Ranking Nominees for KPHA Awards
  1. Awards Committee members will rank order nominations using a 1-5 Likert Scale, with one signifying the lowest adherence and five the highest category.
  2. Awards Committee members may submit nominations but must recuse themselves from the specific selection process for the reward(s) in question.
  3. Rankings will be based on:
  • The extent to which the nomination matches the specific award category
  • The extent to which the nomination reflects the nominee’s adherence to the Ten Essential Public Health Services
  • The perceived impact of the nominee’s public health achievements
  • The innovations and creativity of such achievements
  • The long-range effects of the nominee’s contributions to public health
  • KPHA membership may be considered in the ranking
  • Letters of endorsement