KPHA President's Award

KPHA President's Award

Honors a person who has demonstrated exemplary leadership, support, and dedication to KPHA

2022 Recipient: Michael Ballard, Ed.D
Professor and Interim Associate Dean
College of Health Sciences
Eastern Kentucky University
2022 Recipient: Richard Wilson, DHSc, MPH
Department of Health Promotion and Behavioral Sciences
University of Louisville

2021 Recipient: April Harris
KPHA Secretary Accreditation Specialist
Public Health Accreditation Board

2020 Recipient: Lisa Pollock
Lincoln Trail District Health
Department and KPHA Treasurer

KPHA President, Janie Cambron said about this year’s recipient:
When I thought about the president’s award, i struggled to just name one person because if you are at all involved with KPHA, it’s kind of an all-in type of family. There are late nights, which are unpaid, there are lots of emails and planning calls, too many Zooms lately to count and sometimes it’s just plain hard. But there is so much behind the scenes even more than that, including looking at spreadsheets for days, trying to be fiscally responsible, supporting other board members and one person kept coming to mind. This person is always willing to help, prefers to be behind the scenes, always put needs of others before her own and is an amazingly dedicated public health professional. This person has checked in on me regularly as well as other board members during the last year, making sure everyone is ok. This year’s 2020 KPHA President’s Award goes to Lisa Pollock.

Past Winners

2019: Dr. Jeffrey Howard
2018: Janie Cambron
2017: Becky Kissick-Hake
2016: Dr. Angie Carman
2015: Jill LeMaster
2014: Dr. Calixto “Carlos” Hernandez*