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KPHA Scholarships:
The Kentucky Public Health Association is pleased to announce three scholarship opportunities. 
1.  Ellen M. Buchart Scholarship
2.  Gerald Luttrell Honorary Scholarship
3. Theodore "Ted" Hanekamp Scholarship
Each scholarship has specific eligibility requirements as listed below.  You have to be a member of KPHA to qualify for a Scholarship. All applications must be postmarked by February 28th of each year.  Please mail to:  KPHA Scholarship Committee, P.O. Box 4647, Frankfort, KY 40604-4647, or email to, Scholarship Committee Chair.  Please read the information for each scholarship carefully before submitting an application.  If you have questions about the scholarships, contact, Scholarship Committee Chair or the offices of the Kentucky Public Health Association at (502) 875-2255.  Good Luck!

Download an Application:
Click below to download an application for one of our scholarships.
1. Ellen M. Buchart Scholarship:
The Ellen M. Buchart Scholarship was named in memory and honor of Ellen Buchart who served KPHA in many capacities, including a term as President. This scholarship is designed to provide general academic assistance to a college level junior, senior or graduate student with a health or science-related major who is a member of the KPHA. Preference will be given to students in public health programs. The current amount of the scholarship is $2,000, payable at the rate of $1,000 per semester. The money is paid directly to the student’s school. Students from any college or university in the United States may apply.
Applications must be postmarked no later than February 28th of each year.   Students may download an application form from the KPHA website: The application must be accompanied by the student’s most recent transcript. The transcript must be an official university-issued one. Photocopies are acceptable. The scholarship committee meets to review the applications. Applications are scored using a board-approved scoring system. The five highest scoring applications will be presented to the KPHA Board of Directors next meeting following the application deadline. You must be a KPHA member to be awarded this scholarship. After formal approval by the Board, the recipient is notified, in writing, of the award.
2. Gerald Luttrell Honorary Scholarship:
This scholarship originated from a donor that has been involved in public health for over 35 years. It is the wish of the donor to allow a deserving student the opportunity to obtain a college degree. Students will be provided the application information at the 11th & 12th grade levels; however it will be awarded to students currently at the 12th grade level. This scholarship is a one-year award providing assistance in the students’ first year of college and can be renewed based upon the student meeting the same criteria in years. The student will be required to follow the same application procedure in order to be considered for renewal. The scholarship amount is $1,000 per semester and payment can be made to the college, university, technical school or to the student, however, direct payment to the student will require receipt of payment from the college, university or technical school. This scholarship can be used to pay for books, tuition, and any other college related expenses.
High school level: Applicants must be a senior (12th grade) and must have a minimum grade point average of a 2.5. For the initial allotment of funds ($1,000 per semester), preference will be given to applicants geographically located in the Appalachian Counties in Kentucky.* In the event there are no applicants from that area of the state, the preference will be excluded. Upon completion of the disbursement of the initial $5,000, this scholarship will revert to applicants being considered throughout the entire state. You must be a KPHA member to be awarded this scholarship.
1) Eligible students may submit an application form (specific to this scholarship) from the KPHA website: along with their most recent official academic transcript.  The transcript may be an original or photocopy, but if chosen to receive the scholarship, an official transcript must be submitted to the committee. Applicants can obtain this required information from the guidance counselors their high school. Internet transcripts are not acceptable.  Applications will be available online and distributed to all school counselors.
(2) The scholarship committee of KPHA will review the applications and submit its recommendation to the KPHA Board of Directors and scholarship donor.
(3)  Upon approval by the KPHA Board of Directors and the donor, the applicant will be notified in writing of his/her selection.

Applications must be postmarked no later than February 28th of each year.
3. Theodore "Ted" Hanekamp Scholarship

The Theodore George (Ted) Hanekamp Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a graduate student enrolled in the College of Public Health at the University of Kentucky. Eligibility requires full-time enrollment with a minimum of 9-hours of UK graduate classes.

Ted Hanekamp was a lifelong scholar. He was dedicated to public health, devoting his entire career in public service to the people of the Commonwealth at the Department of Public Health. In 2006 the University of Kentucky honored Ted by inducting him into the UK College of Public Health (UKCPH) Hall of Fame.

Ted actively participated in the Kentucky Public Health Association (KPHA). The scholarship in his memory will be administered by KPHA and the amount and number of scholarships available will be based upon the funds raised by KPHA each year. These funds will be matched by UKCPH and are not to exceed $10,000 each calendar year. Should no applications be received or no eligible student(s) identified, the funds will be rolled over to future year(s).

Applications must be submitted in writing or as an attachment to an email to KPHA by eligible graduate students prior to March 1. Applications must reflect the scholarship and service exemplified by the late Ted Hanekamp with a detailed explanation of student’s career goals, past academic performance and personal history of public service. You must be a KPHA member to be awarded this scholarship.

Successful candidate(s) will be determined by April 1 with funds made available by July 1 of the same year.

P. O. Box 4647 / 140 Consumer Lane • Frankfort, Kentucky 40604-4647 • 502.875.2255
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