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2020 Award Winners

For a list of 2020 Award Winners, click here!

Award Information:

The Kentucky Public Health Association’s Awards Committee solicits nominations for eleven different awards given annually at the KPHA Conference. KPHA confers these awards as a means of honoring the best of the best in public health areas throughout the Commonwealth. Each of you may participate by nominating, or supporting the nomination, of individuals who have truly made a difference in fulfilling our mission to promote healthy communities through education, leadership, and a commitment to excellence. This is your chance to honor a colleague who has been outstanding, so please take advantage of it.  Please send all nominations and support letters to the KPHA Awards Committee Chair, Jennifer Gulley, at: 

2019 KPHA Award Winners

KPHA GROUP AWARD - Achieving Recovery Together

RUSSELL E. TEAGUE AWARD - Dr. Richard Miles 

SARA C. STICE AWARD - Phyllis Bryden 


HELEN B. FRASER AWARD - A. Scott Lockard 






PRESIDENT'S AWARD - Dr. Jeffrey Howard

INDUSTRY AWARD - Foundation for a Health Kentucky



1st Place - PUBLIC HEALTH STUDENT ENGAGEMENT AWARD  - Western Kentucky University - KPHA Student Chapter

2nd Place - PUBLIC HEALTH STUDENT ENGAGEMENT AWARD  - Eastern Kentucky University - Beta Chapter of ETA Sigma Gamma

KPHA Student Engagement Award for Excellence


KPHA Student Engagement Award for Excellence



NAME OF AWARD: KPHA Student Engagement Award for Excellence


AWARD PRIZE: The highest rated chapter/group will receive a plaque.


DESCRIPTION: The KPHA Student Engagement Award for Excellence is presented at the annual meeting to the student chapter/group that has demonstrated excellence during the preceding calendar year.


Criteria for selecting the winning chapter include documentation of:

1. Chapter/Group Viability: To include number of members, appropriate organizational structure, bi-laws, regular meetings with appropriate documentation of activities, e.g., minutes, and recognition by the university.

2. On-campus Outreach: Engaging members in service to the chapter members, department, college and/or school, and the university; to include activities that enhance the academic program and professional development of the members.

3. Off-campus Outreach: Engaging members in community service activities and show how these activities are related to the goals of public health, and promote and enhance the image of public health.

4. Partnerships & Scholarly Pursuits: Membership and participation in professional organizations, and participation in scholarly pursuits, to include grants received, and paper and poster presentations.


SCORING: Each criterion above will be evaluated on a scale of 1 to 25 with 25 being highest. The numerical values of each criterion will be summed to obtain a final score. The highest possible score is 100.


SUBMISSION: All materials must be in a notebook (either physically or electronically) with sections clearly labeled. Neatness, completeness and clarity of the documents will be considered in choosing the winners.


All documentation as outlined above must be submitted for selection committee review no later than Friday, March 6, 2020.

To honor and recognize an exceptional and meritorious achievement in Kentucky’s public health by a business or organization.  Guidelines:  Well-recognized contribution to the improvement of public health or innovative/creative approach to addressing Public Health needs within Kentucky by a business, industry or organizations. The award will be selected by nomination and election from the Board of Directors by the March meeting of each year (if awarded). 
Kentucky Outstanding Epidemiologist of the Year Award:

To honor someone who is considered to have ongoing excellence in epidemiologic practice demonstrated by consensus of peers, leadership, or other colleagues AND either or both of the following impacts: 

 1. Significant impact in an area of expertise or on epidemiology practice across the state (improvement to epi practices in Kentucky, increasing the epi capacity to respond to public health issues, events or crisis, coordination of a significant or large-scale epi response, contributions to overall epi operations or processes in KY) 

2. Significant impact on the health of the population of Kentucky (imputed or quantifiable reductions in morbidity or mortality for a particular outcome based epi practice, imputed or quantifiable improvements in health or health practices due to epi practices, significant epi contributions to apply practices that will have a long-term impact on the health of Kentuckians)

Administrative Support Staff Award:

To honor someone who has made outstanding contributions in the field of administrative support for public health.  Guidelines:  Nomination must demonstrate exceptional service.

William "Bill" Patton Environmental Service Award:
To honor a person who has demonstrated exceptional performance, outstanding achievements and meritorious service in Environmental Services. Bill Patton worked tirelessly as an environmentalist in southeastern Kentucky from the earl 1980's until his death in 2001.  Bill truly believed that he could improve the environmental health of all Kentuckians.  Guidelines:  Nomination of someone who has clearly demonstrated the above referenced achievements.
Elbert “Al” Austin, Jr. Career Achievement Award

To honor a person who remains humble among peers yet towers above the rest in achievements.  Al Austin was health cabinet secretary in the 1980’s.  Guidelines:  Demonstrates loyalty and perseveres in working to improve public health for all Kentuckians.

Helen B. Fraser Award:

To honor an individual who has made an exceptional contribution to the health and well-being of mothers and children in Kentucky.   Dr. Fraser was state MCH director from 1956 until her death in 1965.  Guidelines:  Nominee must have made a unique and outstanding contribution to the growth and development of Kentucky maternal and child health – beyond standard requirements of employment or through voluntary work. 

KPHA Group Award:
To honor a designated group or organization that has collectively contributed to public health program development, toward enhancement of public health in the Commonwealth.  Guidelines:  Efforts must be well-described and include evidence of continued health contributions.
Outstanding Public Health Nurse Award:
To honor an outstanding nurse in our Commonwealth. Guidelines: Public Health Nursing is the practice of promoting and protecting the health of the population using knowledge from nursing, social, and public health sciences.  The Nominations should reflect outstanding contributions to Public Health nursing practice,  community activities and/or professional association activities.
Paul Mason Memorial Award:

To honor a Kentuckian who has made a significant contribution to benefit our most vulnerable population – the indigent and uninsured.  Guidelines:  The nomination must clearly reflect the above contributions to this target population.

Peggy S. Kidd Nutrition Award:
To honor a nutritionist for outstanding professional contributions and service in public health.  Guidelines:  The nomination must reflect cooperation with other agencies and groups; public health advocacy; and all other activities that demonstrate support for public health through effective organizational skills.
Russell E. Teague Award:
To honor and recognize exceptional and meritorious achievement in the field of public health.  Dr. Teague was Kentucky Health Commissioner from 1956-1970.  Guidelines:  Well-recognized contribution to the improvement of public health; must reflect innovative and creative approaches with an impact on continued growth.
Sara C. Stice Award:
To honor an individual who has made an outstanding contribution in the field of health education in Kentucky.  Sara C. Stice was state Director of Health Education from 1950 until her retirement in 1973.  Guidelines:  Active in the field of health, and has made an exceptional contribution in health education.
Virginia Dodd Rice Award:
To honor someone who has provided exceptional Home Health services in Kentucky, primarily through public health settings.  Guidelines:  Nomination of someone who clearly has a caring attitude and sensitivity to the needs of the community and the populations served by Home Care services.  While a professional degree is commendable, this should not serve as the primary contributing factor for a nomination.
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